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Our daily routines

Our routines are flexible yet also predictable. We have developed a framework for staff to meet your child's individual physical needs, and we provide your child with a sense of security and familiarity each day. Routine activities divide the day into blocks of time and form a reference point for other activities that occur within the program for children who do not yet understand the concept of time. This is important for your young child's developing self-confidence and trust.

Our educational program

We are committed to providing a developmental and educational program which caters for each child's individual needs, abilities and interests. Our program will continue to develop as we use the relationships children have with their families and communities, working in partnership with parents, to ensure each child's knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of our programs.

Our Growing Beans program is specifically designed to cater for all age groups and covers the 5 developmental learning domains. This is imbedded in our routines to ensure your child reaches their full potential in all aspects of the program. All 5 domains are connected to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

  • Music and Movements - music & movement program encourages the child to reach full creative potential through the use of music.
  • Physical - physical activity that promotes physical fitness, balance & coordination. This is also linked to healthy eating whereby children are educated on all aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle (i.e. physical activity combined with healthy food).
  • Pre Kinder - provided with the opportunity to play & learn through own individual interests. This includes School Readiness Program (phonics, letter & number recognition/formation, name writing and mathematical concepts).
  • Social Emotional - meaningful social interactions between children and staff to children. Both social and emotional developments are encouraged through daily routines and throughout play.
  • Cognitive & Creative - children express themselves by using their imagination and thinking process. This is performed through the use of art & craft materials, sensory experiences (dough & clay) and creative sand.
  • Independence - activities are incorporated as part of their daily routines; these consist of skills such as toileting, hand washing, gathering personal belongings, feeding & dressing themselves.

A copy of the program is displayed in each room. This allows parents to see what their children have been learning throughout the day and also provides parents with an opportunity to provide feedback on our program.

PreKinder Program

The Growing Beans Pre Kinder Program caters for children 3-5 years and covers a range of academic and emotional areas. The Pre Kinder program is designed to prepare your child for their transition to school taking into account each individual child's age and skill level.

Academic skills

  • Phonics - This skill is learnt through the use of programs such as "Jolly Phonics". Children learn phonics through the use of songs and actions to help them remember letters and their sounds.
  • Letter and Number of the week - Each week there is a specific number and letter the children will focus on. The children engage in a number of worksheets and activities surrounding the letter and number chosen.
  • Letter and number Formation - Each Day there is allocated time for children to sit with their teachers to develop their letter and number formation. The children will begin to develop their preferred grip and hand as they begin to form these numbers and letters through writing.
  • Name writing - Children will begin to recognise their names and begin to write their names through the use of tracing or free hand writing.
  • Mathematical concepts - The children engage in counting activities through 'rote counting' and counting objects and are provided with experiences to help foster their understanding in the field of mathematical thinking.
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